Wedding Flowers

Our brides usually have a unique and specific vision for the design of their wedding flowers, and but they also care deeply about quality time spent with family and friends. Deciding to do one's flowers with the help of loved ones is always a rewarding experience, one your whole team will cherish. At &Flowers, we support all people and celebrations and would love to guide you through the creation of your flowers as you make unforgettable memories! Your team will learn tricks of the trade and appreciate being included in your flower arranging party. And we highly recommend you ask your photographer to capture your session. Our goal is to assist you and your team in making your flower arranging personal and your flowers perfect.

The most asked question is when would we make our flowers. Two days before your wedding works works best for most brides and their wedding team. We will take it from there to make sure they are delivered and set up perfectly.


A collaboration of your team and ours!

Step 1

Discuss your style, venue, and budget over a glass of champagne

Step 6

Create a procedure to guide your group.

Step 2

Review your selection, make suggestions, and order flowers.

Step 7

Host your party and teach your team!

Step 3

Receive shipment and check inventory, make adjustments if necessary.

Step 8

Make minor adjustments if needed.

Step 4

Trim, hydrate, and refrigerate products.

Step 9

Refrigerate finished arrangements and check water levels.

Step 5

Prep, and divide portions for assemblers.

Step 10

Deliver and set up at your venue!