Do you want to spend quality time with your family and friends before your big event? 

With lots of help from our design team and all of your enthusiastic friends, you will create beautiful and more meaningful arrangements.  Having a flower arranging party with &flowers gives you, the party planner, control of your designs, the cost of your flowers, and gets you much larger centerpieces for your investment, all while having fun with family and friends.


Your special bonding time is priceless. Those included in your floral assembly party will feel honored to be a part of the process and to support you in such a meaningful way.


We enjoy supporting people and also think it’s important to care for our environment. You’ll be proud of what you accomplish and feel good knowing that we compost, recycle, use harvested rainwater, will order from sustainable growers, seek out small farms and will order just what you need.



Create Memories

“The event was such a wonderful experience. I knew my fiance would enjoy working with flowers, but I never expected to have such a great time myself! I went from spectator to engaged participant in minutes!” 


—  Gurgeet, Groom

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