We will take care of you, your team and your flowers

Keeping your budget in mind, we will help you select which kinds, and how many flowers, you'll need for the number of arrangements that you would like for your event. We will figure out how many assemblers and how much time you'll need to make your beautiful creations.  Then we will lay out the plan for the purchasing of your flowers, vases, and other requirements for your arrangements. You'll host your flower arranging party and we will deliver and set up your arrangements.

For team building workshops and other flower arranging parties, such as showers and bachelorette parties, we can design a project that meets your groups needs.

“The event was such a wonderful experience. I knew my fiance would enjoy working with flowers, but I never expected to have such a great time myself! I went from spectator to engaged participant in minutes!” 


—  Gurgeet, Groom

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