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Email: contact@andflowers.net

What we do for you:

We will discuss and decide the kinds of flowers, your budget, and the number of arrangements that you would like for your big event.  Next, we will figure out how many assemblers and how much time you'll need to make your beautiful creations.  Finally, we will lay out the plan for the purchasing of your flowers and vases, and other requirements for your arrangements.

Additionally &flowers will:

  • Review your selection and order flowers

  •  Receive shipment and check inventory, make adjustments if needed

  •  Trim, hydrate, refrigerate

  • Prep, and divide into portions for assemblers

  • Create first arrangement as a demo

  • Guide your team in making your arrangements

  • Make minor adjustments if needed

  • Refrigerate again, check water levels

  • Deliver and set up at your venue