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Corporate Events

Welcome to And Flowers, where we transform corporate events into unforgettable experiences with our bespoke flower workshops. Whether it's for networking, showing gratitude to clients, or engaging members of a country club, our flower arranging parties provide the perfect backdrop. Immerse your team in a world of creativity and inclusion, ideal for women in business events, team-building exercises, or themed fundraising.


Our workshops are not just an activity; they are a gateway to exploring new spaces and products, making them perfect for corporate parties, fundraisers, or as a unique retreat activity. Let the beauty of flowers spark conversations and connections at your next event, making every moment special and every arrangement a masterpiece. Join us at And Flowers, where we blend nature's art with your corporate spirit.


For large groups, we will come to your space or can suggest venues to host a team building or networking flower arranging class,
Everyone will have fun, learn about designing and care of cut flowers and be impressed with their own work! 

Check out some of the great organizations we have helped !

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