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About Karen Toole

When my niece asked me to do the flowers for her wedding, I eagerly said “yes." I then immediately thought, omg, it’s going to be a big wedding and I will be working and stressing instead of enjoying all the little get togethers with family prior to the big day. And I'll be too exhausted to enjoy the wedding. So, I retracted my enthusiastic “yes" with “How about we ask your sister, mom, grandma, step mom, aunts, nieces, bridesmaids, and of course fiance' and anyone else that would like to get in on the flower arranging fun to support us?” She was thrilled with the plan and the idea for the business was born. 


&flowers brings together all my professional experiences, as an event and floral designer, artist, master gardener, coach teacher and communitarian. I grow many different kinds of greens and flowers and love buying locally grown flowers whenever possible. 

Personally, my favorite family time is when I get to work collaboratively with my daughters, sisters or cousins on making a Thanksgiving meal or holiday cookies for neighbors. It is the process of creating, of sharing and being with my loved ones that is most satisfying. Nothing brings me more joy than creating something beautiful with a good team. Setting the stage so that you can have a wonderful collaborative experience is my goal.

Here are some words from different cultures that express my intent in hosting flower arranging events.

  • Voorpret: Dutch for pre-fun; the sense of enjoyment felt before a special party.

  • Meraki: Greek which means to do things with love and put a piece of yourself in the work.

  • Mudita: Buddist word for joy with others

  • Tous Ensemble: French for all together

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